Working on WordPress Scatter SAND integration with inspiration from WordProof.

If anyone would like to help @ratzen and I learn to install scatter node JS to a basic wordpress site for a basic login or airgrab button, let me know and you could win a bounty of $20 just to learn some skills and complete some tasks. Here is the Scatter Node JS course from Peter Key at Liquid Apps

Anyway please come talk to us here on this telegram if you are interested in learning how to do what the first image shows, but with our own plugin, @wordproof already has this setup an as you can see my shows up as a scatter enabled site, scatter is already On wordpress sites bu i want the scatter login to be a setting, like @nsjames was discussing wiretracked his new program to allow anyone to make smart contracts with safe math mandatory things snapping together, like after effects for coding smart contracts. We can do a lot with a little and get paid to learn th4ese skills so you can use them off on your own project! See you in the SAND box!

the second bonus goal is to get the scatter node JS buttons installed by @eonwarped on a nitrous page, and on the wallet page, so you can login with scatter AND will EVEN have steem on scatter wallet pack soon if I get some help 😀 I can have scatter handling what keychain normally does on steem engine and on nitrous, we could allow scatter to handle it all and the eosio withdraw and deposits to all be done on our nitrous site so no more needing to log into steem we could even do some sort of newdex trading in browser. We could do incredible stuff together so check this out and come to the telegram:

Once we add Scatter / SQRL Login Method we can have eos and telos tokens on Nitrous the steem engine front end and it can have telos attested to every steem account, telos accounts can be logged in and post the posts to and from there we can do a lot.

Free Telos Accounts for millions could allow steem tribes to scale up fast and we can pair guest accounts with free telos accounts.

If Steem has to resort to selling accounts, but steem goes up enough it can be justified, but telos having the free wallets will be a backup wallet for scaling, which can be attested to steem accounts, while the steem wallet can be like a sort of high tiered ‘reddit Gold” which gives one access to the reward pool. SP and ranks should have always been shown with beautiful icons and ranks and stars etc, like Golos actually did for a while showing icons of dolphin whale or minnow or red fish and we can bring back those graphical rankings, gamify steem. I hope to do this with SAND and create levels of SAND owner, from verified local with @aggroed ‘s tags enabled for tribes, to Custodian level where you can start to qualify to stake on the DAC to earn change to post proposals to get funded etc. We can get the mainstream city of san diego cryptocurrency users to get behind this if they come out of the shadows, and I know there is a vast network here with a lot of BTC to invest if we can pitch this SAND idea to them. I just need a few locals to invest a few thousand dollars and I would see massive activity on newdex, and I would then buy new ads and we would ride the wave.

Come check us out on our telegram for free SAND token

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