San Diego Coin first post with Steempress is also using EOS WordProof and on so has posts on STEEM & EOS blockchains through Website. (Telos also supported by WordProof)

So I was using WordPress to update and realized I could post directly to Steempress. Then I was able to see the Word PROOF EOS/TELOS plugin pop up as well. I can now have my posts on posted on Steem and eos, on accounts that are both under “sandiegocoin” and wordproof is also on telos so i can have 3 blockchains tied through the website. Scatter integration for WordPress may come sooner than I am able to add scatter to my personal website.

This is so exciting and I hope to inspire people with the knowledge that i DMed Rami James from Scatter and he told me he was also thinking of a plugin for wordpress that could make scatter integration to average person’s website scarey easy. This could actually democratize the Blockchain world as we know it, because Scatter buttons give you access to the core functionality of EOS,interacting with the smart contracts on the blockchain.

This incredible video referred to me by @everythingeos is an incredible nugget of golden knowledge telling you how to integrate scatter to a website and start creating the front end to your first DAPP.

We are very close to a new world of possibilities for DAPPs, where any highschool student can create their first scatter JS node integration on a wordpress theme for their school homework project. This sort of thing sounds complicated until you do it, and then it starts to seem easier and easier. And then automated tools get created and before you know it, everyone has a dapp and a token using nothing but their wordpress blogs! And why not? Why shouldn’t we democratize the ability to create dapps? We could build the perfect dapp this way by building tools to make it easy to decdie what sort of dapp you want to build, and thus we can end up with the most talented problem solvers with the best tools! Imagine, a photoshop for creating decentralized software! With scatter, wordpress, steempress, and wordproof I feel we are really getting close to a world where software development for the blockchain is as easy as video editing has become in recent times!

Here is a video on how to add your Wordproof time stamp with a Telos Blockchain account.

Just the very simple act of using WordProof for a Blog can be used to create many number of services for games, entertainment, and if licensed, legal services like the notary of the future, but this will depend on local jurisdiction. We can use these for Science experiments, to post data online when it is recorded in real life, imagine astronomers posting findings from telescopes directly to the blockchain, or bird watchers posting their data while showing a real life qr code displayed from a smartphone that can only show private keys in a precise order every second , that can allow one to detect WHAT time they are in. We can extrapolate many ways to make time stamps on the eos and telos blockchain useful and combine them with steempress to allow us to do a wide variety of uses that are much more than a simple “Blog”. We are literally creating a cryptographic time stamped global distributed database that scientists can utilize, all through wordpress! To learn more come to and to use the Dapp, and to learn more about WordProof, and to earn extra crypto on your wordpress blogs after you’ve time stamped, check out

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