Powered by Steem & EOSIO. SAND is a Blockchain solution for residents & students of San Diego, CA with the power to make San Diego the smartest city on Earth


Steem-Engine Protocal allows SAND to have Free and instant transactions with all the benefits of SCOT and Nitrous. Affordable and decentralized trading allows anyone to trade SAND without KYC.

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Steem Blockchain

Built on the Steem blockchain allowing for social media that rewards users and which is censorship resistant. All SAND users are also Steem users.



SAND also exists as an EOSIO token and can take advantage of features such as EOSDAC to allow SAND users to participate in a SAND DAC or San Diego Decentralized Autonomous Community or local city governance.

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Telos Main Net

SAND is proudly on the telos Blockchain pegged 1:1:1 with Steem and EOS SAND. All 3 tokens are listed across Steem-Engine.com and Newdex.io

App.SanDiegoCoin.org is the first Dapp with triple train DPOS chain chain integration between STEEM, EOS & Telos


SAND is the DAPP for San Diego Coin found at Dapp.SanDiegoCoin.org. It is based on Steem-Engine Nitrous Blockchain Condenser, with SCOTBOT payouts pegged to EOS and Telos Main net Tokens maintained by a PRIVEX.io Gateway. Any San Diegans can signup free and begin earning SAND via Social Media, or can make proposals, and earn telos SAND using TelosDAC SQRL and Steem Engine tools, learn more about these developments in our Telegram t.me/sandiegocoin Local Social Media Influencers in San Diego who visit our Steem Dapp, telegram or discord will be airdropped free SAND tokens. Locals who take an interest in the project can be delegated SAND power to curate the best San Diego based content on the site. Tipit.io allows tipping of EOS SAND to discord telegram and twitter accounts and will soon be available to send SAND tokens over Facebook, Twitch reddit Email and SMS. Future plans include sending 1 SMS to every 619 760 and 858 San Diego Area Code, and to email every known San Diego Email address to saturate the local population with 1 SAND token per resident. Once sizable portion of the City Residents have been given access to 1 SAND token via email, sms, or twitter tips, we can claim that this token increasing in value benefits residents more so than Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for San Diego residents. To allow SAND to become the "Stock" for our city is one of the many goals of this project.

SAND trading on Newdex against EOS

SAND trading on Newdex

SAND trading on newdex for EOS

SAND Telos Proposal #60

SAND is now on Telos Blockchain! Proposal #60

SAND is now on Telos Blockchain! Here is our SAND Telos Proposal #60 helping to start funding of the Telos SAND token distribution, marketing and developing. TelosDAC + SQRL + Vapaee.io & Newdex.io are the seeds of a new SAND venture on the Telos mainnet, promoting telos locally in exchange for funding to help develop local telos projects.

Telos.Bloks.io Contract for Telos SAND token, pegged 1:1:1 with Steem & EOS SAND

telos.bloks.io telos SAND & SQRLwallet.io

Telos.bloks.io block explorer for telos SAND token and How to add Telos on SQRLwallet.io Telos.Bloks.io Smart Contract showing a seperate token, same MAX supply, and pegged 1:1 using Steem-engine.com PRIVEX.io SteemEOSTelos Privex.io gateway. Users can exchange EOS SAND to Telos SAND, or STEEM SAND to Telos SAND, for a 1% fee. Manual p2p trades in Discord and Telegram are available for users wishing to avoid the fee. TelosDAC and future escrow systems will strengthen security of the contract accounts, with 12 account multi-sig and new security protocols using the redundancies of 3 separate blockchains, STEEM, EOS and Telos.

Telegram with Crypto Tipping

SAND Telegram

Get Free SAND CHL NDX TLOS cryptocurrencies tipped directly over the telegram tip bot by tipit.io and bloks.io + banjo discord tip bot by inertia

Wallet.Coolx.io Free Mobile Accounts for SAND with in wallet SAND to Telos Swap

CoolXWallet has added SAND on telos and its Bancor derived token swap ability. This free mobile wallet is Showcasing Telos SAND Token Swap with TLOS. Local businesses could accept SAND directly as a payment solution and have it automatically converted through bancor to TLOS whenever they need thanks to the liquidity pool proposal by Telos South Africa

SAND (EOS) Added to ChallengeDapp on iOS & Play Store. Earn SAND with GPS based local blockchain challenges in San Diego, CA

This is a screenshot of ChallengeDapp the Free App where you get a free eos mini wallet, you can also hold SAND, and you can earn sand and create challenges with it anywhere on the map

Here is the screenshot of ChallengeDapp where you can earn SAND and CHL, make a free EOS mini hot wallet, and hold EOS, CHL, SAND and make challenges so anyone can earn the tokens if they walk by wherever you leave them. SAND is now added to a local GPS blockchain based system where you can earn SAND just by showing up to local events or going to a business. https://steemit.com/sandiego/@ackza/earn-sand-just-by-walking-around-san-diego-california-the-first-locally-available-cryptocurrency-using-challengedapp-gps

SAND Now Supported by LYNX and TokenPocket Wallets

SAND on EOS now available on Two top rated EOS wallets, LYNX and Token Pocket

SAND (EOS) Now Available on LYNX and Token Pocket https://lynxwallet.io and https://TokenPocket.pro

SAND now supported by Twitter Twitch telegram & Discord via Tipit.io Tip service

SAND now supported by Twitter, Twitch, Telegram & Discord thanks to Tipit.io

Trade SAND on NEWDEX.IO (No Signup Required)

San Diego's First CryptoCurrency
Steem . + EOS . . + Telos . . . + San Diego = SAND. . . . First Local Blockchain for SanDiego

SAND provides a Steem based Social Media Experience while SAND token on EOS and Telos provides smart contract functionality and TelosDAC + EOSDAC powered Decentralized Autonomous Community. SAND even has its own EOSIO main net at Strongblock.io This SAND box will help locals become junior developers and launch their first dapps on Steem EOS and Telos in the technology rich city of San Diego, California.

SAND's Steem based SteemSanDiego.com or App.SanDiegoCoin.org is SCOTBOT powered social network Dapp that allows anyone in San Diego to signup for a free blockchain account and get paid to post San Diego related content. Users are paid in upvotes using consensus based inflation derived from mathematic formulas in the SCOT protocal. Posts can get likes which = SAND so users get paid to promote San DIego with cryptocurrency no bank accounts needed for payouts. Telos Worker Proposal Funds the SAND project, Our partnership with teachology.io TEACH on Telos will provide the ability for teachers in San Diego to let their students post homework on the sand website, use a robust TEACH quiz and exam dapp, and earn cryptocurrency for doing homework.

Allowing students to earn Bitcoin for school work using SAND can energize our local students with the tools they need to compete in 2020 and beyond. Local San DIego Residents are entitled to 1 SAND, with past social media accounts tied to San Diego, CA being the evidence for residency, with tipit twitter and SMS. ChallengeDapp on iOS and Android has added SAND and can be used for GPS based smart contract local identification without the need for KYC. Users in San Diego can earn SAND right now by going to GPS reward points on the map.

For more official local government business Worbli chain can provide a SAND token only available to KYC approved wallets. Worbli SAND would also come with privacy features allowing the city to for example issue passports and run the DMV using a worbli system. SAND will use all EOSIO and DPOS networks to add value and carve for itself the premiere local blockchain space for San Diego Residents.

Instead of trying to save up one whole BTC locals can instead pick the local share dropped cryptocurrency which they already own. SAND will become San Diego's Bitcoin supported by the city as their flagship FIntech Community dapp

  • 3.82M Circulating Supply: 1M for SAND Proposals. 1M for San Diego Residents. 1M for Development Team. 6M unissued Sand constitutes the 100+ Year Reward Pool

  • 100% Free Transactions across STEEM EOS and TELOS. We use Invite.steem.ninja for instant accounts for SteemSanDiego.com & GiftGiver.me for 30Sp for 7 days Delegation

  • Steem-Engine Protocol and DEX allows for decentralized exchange to handle conversion of SAND tokens to STEEM, and to convert STEEM SAND to EOS SAND

  • EOS & TELOS provides San Diego a Blockchain network of social media users, interwoven with local businesses with DACs & DEXs like TELOSDAC & NEWDEX

San Diego Coin TEam

Zachary Williams

Founder, Project Manager. Official Newdex Influencer for North America.
Zachary Williams is a San Diego Native with years of experience ion Bitcoin Steem and now EOSIO Blockchains. His Parents Alan and Roberta are Avid Pacific Beach surfers and his Grandfather Carl Soares was Captain of the Sun Ray Tuna Boat in Point Loma. Zack seeks to use SAND as a vehicle to onboard as many locals onto the blockchain


Indo Pacific Command International Newdex Community Manager
Community Manager for users outside San Diego. El all those living outside San Diego, we will have tasks to allow anyone to promote our city and EOS.


Africom CHL/Telos/NDX Promoter


Southern Command Progressive Web App Developer

Marianne West

Local San Diego Steem Influencer

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Trade SAND for Bitcoin on Steem-Engine.


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Chat Live on our Discord with SAND users and get tipped cryptocurrency

San Diego Coin Blockchain Details

SAND runs on the STEEM and EOSIO blockchains with plans for a School dapp on LYNX, another token for city eGov smart contracts on TELOS and has the option to fork EOSIO or Telos for a SAND Side Chain dedicated to the needs of the city government. For more information on these plans or if you have any official inquiries or would like to help with this vision, please contact info@sandiegocoin.org
Email - info@SanDiegoCoin.org