San Diego Coin

Powered by Steem & EOSIO. SAND is a Blockchain solution for residents & students of San Diego, CA with the power to make San Diego the smartest city on Earth


Steem-Engine Protocal allows SAND to have Free and instant transactions with all the benefits of SCOT and Nitrous. Affordable and decentralized trading allows anyone to trade SAND without KYC.

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Steem Blockchain

Built on the Steem blockchain allowing for social media that rewards users and which is censorship resistant. All SAND users are also Steem users.



SAND also exists as an EOSIO token and will take advantage of EOSDAC to allow SAND users to participate in the SAND DAC or San Diego Decentralized Autonomous Community.

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Bitcoin Pegged

Trade SAND for STEEMP to buy BTCP on Steem-Engine and withdraw as Bitcoin. Users can then sell the BTC for Cash on a Free BTC Debit card with a $5 Bonus here is the first cross chain STEEM + EOS dapp

Working Dapp

Our Working Blockchain Dapp allows anyone with a steem blockchain account get rewarded Steem and EOS SAND for San DIego related content

SAND trading on Newdex against EOS

SAND trading on Newdex

SAND trading on newdex for EOS

Trade SAND on NEWDEX.IO (No Signup Required)

San Diego's First CryptoCurrency
Steem + EOS + Telos + San Diego = SAND Token. Join us in creating the first local Blockchain Network here in SD!

Steem San Diego provides a Steem based Social Media Experience while SAND token on EOS will provide smart contract functionality and an EOSDAC powered Decentralized Autonomous Community to help locals become developers and launch dapps on Steem EOS and telos in San Diego, California.

SAND's Steem based SCOt Dapp allows anyone in San Diego to get paid to post San Diego related content and promote the city or get help learning about blockchain OR even developing their blockchain project. Our partnership with TEACH on Telos will provide the ability for teachers in the San Diego School District to let their students post homework on the sand website to earn cryptocurrency. Making Bitcoin for school work using STEEM EOS TLOS and TEACH EOSIO blockchain technology can energize our local students with the tools they need to compete in 2020 and beyond.

Local Social media influencers in San Diego who visit our Steem Dapp, telegram or discord will be airdropped free SAND and delegated SAND power to curate the best San Diego based content on the site. + Tip Bot allows tipping of EOS SAND to discord telegram and twitter accounts + soon facebook and reddit. SAND is also set to launch on murmur and the on Android and iOS.App Store. provides a decentralized craigslist experience for local city usa and city tokens will soon be trading on decentralized exchanges like STeem-Engine and with cities competing with each other like stocks trading on the stock market and investment going to local infrastructure and cyber employment programs. This is the endgame goal of SAND which goes beyond just San Diego and allows the City Token system to becomes a local municipal sandbox to onboard all of humanity one city at a time.

  • 4M Circulating 1M Staked are for Upvoting SAND Proposals. 1.5M are for San Diego Residents. 1M is for Development Team. 6M unissued Sand constitutes the Reward Pool

  • 100% Free Transactions across STEEM EOS and TELOS. We use for instant accounts for & for 30Sp for 7 days Delegation

  • Steem-Engine Protocol and DEX allows for decentralized exchange to handle conversion of SAND tokens to STEEM, and to convert STEEM SAND to EOS SAND

  • EOS & TELOS provides San Diego a Blockchain network of social media users, interwoven with local businesses with DACs & DEXs like KROWN & NEWDEX

San Diego Coin TEam

Zachary Williams

Founder, Project Manager
Zachary Williams is a San Diego Native with years of experience ion Bitcoin Steem and now EOSIO Blockchains. His Parents Alan and Roberta are Avid Pacific Beach surfers and his Grandfather Carl Soares was Captain of the Sun Ray Tuna Boat in Point Loma. Zack seeks to use SAND as a vehicle to onboard as many locals onto the blockchain


International Community Manager
Community Manager for users outside San Diego. El all those living outside San Diego, we will have tasks to allow anyone to promote our city and EOS.

Retweet from Dan Larimer

Dan Larimer retweeted San Diego COin!

EOS Steem and bitshares founder Dan Larimer retweets my tweet about EOS CPU on Newdex being affordable. Although San Diego Coin was not directly referenced, our logo got some great publicity in the EOS world. My goal is to make this project appear as serious as possible. Local cryptographic democracy can happen many ways and we believe in small baby steps to onboard as many locals as possible.

Chat Live on our Discord with SAND users and get tipped cryptocurrency

San Diego Coin Blockchain Details

SAND runs on the STEEM and EOSIO blockchains with plans for a School dapp on LYNX, another token for city eGov smart contracts on TELOS and has the option to fork EOSIO or Telos for a SAND Side Chain dedicated to the needs of the city government. For more information on these plans or if you have any official inquiries or would like to help with this vision, please contact
Email -